Mils Training

Training these days requires the ability to manage and distribute material efficiently

On-line based organization, individual curriculum and performance. Standard classroom based training and e-learning courses as practical support tools. This was the case for new recruits for ENEL and for the training of support staff at Subaru.

Training on-line, Web Based Training

Through our proprietary LMS system, we manage all e-learning (lessons and tests) and classroom-based (organization and attendance/performance tracking) training activities.

  • Course organization
  • Group/reseller based division
  • E-Learning paths completed by test
  • News & Alerts
  • Attendance/performance tracking
  • Individual curriculum
  • Certificate creation and printing
  • KPIs

Training in Classroom, Instruction Based Training

These are traditional courses used either for exercises or when a high degree of interaction between instructor and pupil is required. MILS is equipped with its own training centre (with classroom and workshop), and also for internal courses or competitions.

  • Training room
  • Workshop for technical training
  • Qualified instructors
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Branded areas
  • Restroom

Technical training center

This combines the theoretical part - transferred and completed uniquely on-line, via WBT - and the part relating to practical exercises in the field (in a classroom, in a workshop, etc.) with an instructor. This solution maximizes the training course, by minimizing costs and staff absence hours.



Situated in the township of Rottofreno, 5 minutes away from the Piacenza Ovest motorway exit, the centre is positioned at one of the nodal points of northern Italy, not surprisingly home to the logistics centres of the most important multinationals operating in our country..


  • Workshop: 113 m2
  • Teaching Room: 50 m2
  • Recreational Area: 25 m2
  • Parking Lot
If necessary, the spaces can be doubled with equal-sized rooms side by side.


  • Hot and cold drink dispensers
  • Buffet
  • Seating (armchairs/sofas)
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Bathroom
  • Branded areas
  • Ample outdoor parking available for attendants


  • Projector
  • 60" screen
  • 12 workstations with laptops in LAN (table+chair+LAN network)
  • WiFi
  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Brandable spaces
  • Restroom


  • Vehicle lifts
  • Engine and gearbox handling lifts
  • Multiple fume suction system
  • Air compressor (90 lt. 10 bar min)
  • 4 workstations with PC for manual consultation
  • 2 workstations with PC for diagnosis
  • Maxi TV screen
  • Mobile and fixed worktops
  • 4 drawer units
  • Manual hydraulic press
  • Vice and workbench
  • Shelves and supports for engines and gearboxes
  • Air conditioning gas filling station
  • Direct access to the outside
  • WIFI
  • Heating
  • 220V and 380V power sockets
  • Movable walls/dividers for room reconfiguration
  • Power charger
  • Booster for starting
  • Warehouse area
  • Adjacent outdoor area of at least 300 sqm available for moving tests
  • Indoor protected shelter for at least 3 vehicles
  • Branded areas


Experience... at your service

  • Automotive, Bikes, Marine Engines

  • Industrial

  • Defence

  • Other Sectors