Mils Checklist and diagnostic sheets

Create checklist, diagnostic sheet and digital content

Using an innovative content editor, this module allows you to generate checklists, design diagnostic and calibration sheets, custom layout for news and communications to be sent digitally to the network and/or to the end customers.
Checklist and diagnostic sheets


Our CMS Builder is a complete and user-friendly content editor that allows to design form and content layouts as you like, manage their translations, match tags, and generate reports.
Checklist and diagnostic sheets


Any type of sheet can be drawn and digitized by assigning a position, label and type to each input form (multiple selection, radio button, etc.), as well as making it dynamic with conditional choices.
Checklist and diagnostic sheets


Through a tree structure, the system allows to generate operations, define their type, and associate them to one or more inspection checklists. Each checklist can then be matched to one or more products.
Checklist and diagnostic sheets


The program allows to freely arrange the content within the page. Images, headings, tables, forms, and many other elements permit to set the best design for communications to the network and/or to the end customers.


Generate operations: through a dedicated back-office, the producer can assign a title and characteristics to each operation (e.g., flag number, type, on/off, etc.)
Create checklists: each operation can be included within one or more checklists. In addition to the list of operations to be done, the producer will assign to the checklist a title and a unique code.
Matching: each checklist can be matched to one or more products, assigning it to one or more stages of the production, sales and service processes. (Ex: quality, pre-delivery, return for repair).
Multimedia: the checklist outcome can be enriched either by adding notes or attaching multimedia content such as photos, videos, audio, etc.

Diagnostic Sheets

Organize forms: the CMS allows to define the layout of the sheet by assigning a position, label and type to each input form (multiple selection, radio button, etc.), as well as making it dynamic with conditional choices.
DataKeys: the system allows to create keys and match them to the various fields in the form, so that they are attributed the same meaning for data analysis.
Applicability: once the content and datakeys of the card have been established, it can be matched to one or more models/versions of the product, allowing the manufacturer to have ad-hoc sheets for each individual product, automatically retrieved by the system at the right time.
Data analysis: due to the matching of fields and datakeys, the system can create export layouts with the desired keys to allow the manufacturer to do the necessary analysis.

News & Communications

Design the news: using the CMS, the producer can create a news panel by designing its layout in digital form. It is possible to choose a basic template and then customize it or generate a totally custom one with the available elements (e.g., images, headlines, tables, forms, etc.)
Translations: the module has a feature that allows you to manage translations directly in the portal. Thanks to the layout defined via CMS, content remains correctly paginated. Translated communications can also go through a proof reading, all the way to publication.
Tags: using tags, content can be called up on the user's screen based on the context of what they are viewing. This gives to the user the maximum visibility of the right information at the right time, eliminating search time.
Target Audience: the system allows the producer to define the types of profiles and/or markets enabled to view the communication, to match each information to a target audience.