Mils Operating Services

Strategic activities in outsourcing

Our aftersales offer is complemented by a series of strategic activities, aimed at maximizing the quality perceived by the end customers. Benefiting from highly professional resources, a partner can avoid having their own internal organization, while reducing costs at the same time.

Help Desk Management

Our bespoke software and services for customer care activities allows you to always focus on your customers needs. Providing a call centre solution with outstanding features:
- Handling customer calls or messages in their own language. - Providing operators access to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and search tools for already known concerns and solutions (knowledge base).
- Supporting the customer with solutions over the telephone or by email.
- Keeping the customers informed about progress.
Our FrontOffice Service is a proven, powerful product, trusted time and time again by internationally renowned brands.

Recall Campaign Management

Our activities have been dominated by automotive, but now we are increasingly working in other areas such as consumer electronics and appliances. The requirement to recall and/or adapt products for safety purposes is now a top priority protected by international laws. MILS has many year of experience of developing and providing management systems and supporting roles to ensure effective implementation of recall campaign in order to reduce the economic impact and improved efficiency. We support every phase: the preparation of the technical network, mailing to customers, progress management and reporting and even document archiving.