Mils IT Boutique

Custom-tailored is much better!

As with clothes, even when it comes to procedures and applications, for a standard product to fit just right is very difficult, if not impossible. Especially on such a complex and varied structure, like a company, with all its standards and requirements.

There’s no denying that a tailored suit fits one thousand times better, and maybe even hides a few imperfections here and there. This may be the case for clothes, but not necessarily for operating software, where completely standard products are indeed affordable, but also very inflexible. And this forces the company to adapt to the system, exposing it to the risk of higher costs, if any customization is required.

Your system, from scratch

MILS can design completely customized procedures, based on the specifications agreed with customers, by flanking them and advising them every step of the journey, to ensure the highest application efficiency. And this can be done at competitive and agreed prices, often cheaper than customizing standard and widely disseminated products.